Through our team of technical experts training in international compliance and our access to databases in various countries, BIGQ keeps its clients up to date on legislation changes, providing assistance with traceability and technical specifications.

Our legislation and regulation departments covering various product categories provide the activities essential for proper product management in terms of quality and legislative compliance.

What are our strengths?

  • Legislative update and monitoring in over 100 countries around the world;
  • Drafting of inspection and testing plans including for finished products;
  • You choose the sector and geographic area you’re interested in for newsletters and updates;
  • Specific training including on drafting technical specifications (RSL, MRSL, technical specifications, etc.) for both brands and suppliers;
  • Product compliance monitoring and assessment with REACH;
  • Traceability support for high-quality raw materials.

These are some of the compliance services BIGQ offers.

Please contact our offices for a complete list of all our activities.